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Anti-Image Retention Technologies Four types of anti-image retention can be set to be activated automatically Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor the day, contributing to longer panel life and greater reliability. Built-in Speakers The built-in high powered 10 W x 2 speakers provide deep, rich sounds that complement the amazing HD images. Unplug the video cable from the back of the computer. Turn on the LCD Display. They may cause flaws or deformation of the screen surface. The screen is blank and the power Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor is off. Ensure that the power cord is firmly connected and the LCD Display is on. Page 19 The screen color is inconsistent.

Samsung SyncMaster TSn-2 40" LCD TV Overview - CNET

The color image is distorted by dark shadows. The color white is poor. Set a Keyboard for your computer. The next screen is for setting your monitor. First Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor all, set a horizontal frequency for your monitor. You can enter the frequency directly. Set a vertical frequency for your monitor. Enter the model name of your monitor. This information will not affect the actual execution of X-Window.

40" Touch Screen Display Full HD 1920 x 1080 with Infrared Technology (Model: 400TSn-2)

You have finished setting up Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor monitor. Execute X-Window after setting other requested hardware. General Control Panel menu 1. The control panel provides adjustment and configuration with USB and IR touchscreen of serial port and supports compatibility of multi-touchscreens at the same PC.

This window shows the basic information of the touchscreen and calibration. If several touchscreens are mounted on the Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor and status is set "multi-screens display", user may use the button [Select Monitor] and must choose monitor related to each touchscreen before calibration, otherwise the touchscreen won't work. The setting of multitouchscreens at the same PC comprising of Steps: If does so, use may click the center of the butt mark so as to Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor the mounted-touchscreen. If there is no information of touchscreen on the monitor, user is required to press "Esc" or wait for 15 seconds, then program will pass the current the setting of touchscreen and continue automatically the next one; Double click the setting of touchscreen in the list.

User may select the monitor related to each IR touchscreen and click "OK" representing the save and Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor after the select-dialog box pops up. Finishing the above operations, program will show the number of monitor relevant to each touchscreen in the list of "Monitor". Select the touchscreen you want in the list and Click [Calibrate]. After calibration, the item "Calibrated" will show "Yes". Calibration compromising of steps: Calibration is done by clicking on 4 calibration points so that user only clicks the center of the bull's-eye in sequence. If failing to hit the bull's eye, user may move the pointer or fingers to the center of it again and lift based on the utilization of Click on Release when calibration. Press 'Esc" button to exit calibration.

Samsung 400TSN LCD Monitor

After calibration the "recalibrate", "OK", "cancel" buttons will show up. Click on touch Mouse single click event happens immediately at the point when the finger contact the touchscreen, not for dragging objects. In this mode the touchscreen responds fastest, it's usually used for big button applications. Click on Release Mouse click event happens at the point where the finger leaves touchscreen; in this mode the finger moving position is followed by eyes and precisely controlled, therefore it's suitable for small buttons or hyperlink of web pages, such as POS, WEB applications. Mouse Emulation This is the default mode.

Full emulation of mouse functions including left-button click, moving, lifting, and dragging; if writing, drawing, or dragging map are required, this mode is well suitable to the above application. Hide Cursor Hide cursor without closedown of the mouse function; because Mouse cursor is not used in some applications but always is applied to such filed as big button, playing animation, or children education in "Click On Samsung 400TSN-2 LCD Monitor mode. Send Right Click To enable right-click function default. Click and press on any area on the screen for two seconds, the right-click pop-up menu will show up.


Right-click is only available in Mouse Emulation mode. The "area" is used for adjusting the jitter-range of the touch surface within limit of error unit: The higher the value, the wider the jitter-range.

Right Click menu will pop up so long as the finger contacts the screen for a while within the range. It is the world's largest corporation by revenue.


Consumer information and street pricing on the Samsung TSn-2 inch LCD Monitor. Compare it with other LCD Monitors, Plasma Monitors, and Projection.


The Samsung 32" TSn-2, 40" TSn-2 and 46" TSn-2 LCD Touch Screen displays feature fast and accurate touch-sensitive infrared (IR) technology.

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