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Vandesompele data set in log-scale. The sign is determined by the direction of the bias. Vandesompele data set.

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Figure 4 shows two-way hierarchical clustering of microarray data for the same samples assayed by AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller. Samples were classified based on the expression of "intrinsic" genes defined in Sorlie et al. The expression level for each gene is shown relative to the median expression of that gene across all the samples with high expression represented by red and low expression represented by green. Genes with median expression are black and missing values are gray.

The sample-associated dendrogram 5A shows the same classes seen by microarray. A minimal set of 37 "intrinsic" genes 5B was used to classify tumors into their primary "intrinsic" subtypes. The genes in 1C and 1D were clustered separately in order to determine agreement between the minimal 37 qRT-PCR "intrinsic" set 5A and the larger microarray "intrinsic" set. Figure 6 shows Receiver Operator Curves. A cut-off for relative gene copy number AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller selected by minimizing the sum of the observed false positive and false negative errors. The sensitivity.

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Since many biomarkers having concordant expression and can serve as surrogates for one another, we tested the accuracy of using AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller and GRB7 as surrogates dotted lines for calling ER and HER2 protein status, respectively. Figure 7 shows outcome for "intrinsic" subtypes. Pairwise log-rank tests were used to test for equality of the hazard functions among the intrinsic classes. Tumors in the Normal Breast-like subtype were excluded from the analyses since this class may AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller artificially created from having a sample comprised primarily of normal cells.

Figure 8 shows grade and proliferation as predictors of relapse free survival. Kaplan-Meier plots are shown for grade 8A and the proliferation genes 8B using Cox regression analysis.

The analysis for the proliferation genes was performed on continuous expression data, although the plots are shown in tertiles. The proliferation index log AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller of the 14 proliferation genes has significant predictive value for outcome, even after correcting for other clinical parameters important for survival.

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Figure 9 shows co-clustering of real-time qRT-PCR and microarray data using 50 genes and samples. Two-way hierarchical clustering was performed on the combined dataset using Spearman correlation and average linkage. The sample associated dendrogram 5A shows the same classes as seen in Figure 1. The expression level for each gene is shown relative to the median expression of that gene across all the samples with overexpressed genes and underexpressed genes, as well AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller average expression.

Figure 10 shows a flow chart of the steps of deriving minimal intrinsic gene sets for making biological classifications of breast cancer. Figure 11 shows an overview and flow of the data sets used and analyses performed. AOC USAS1-I4i RAID Controller Overview of the complete cluster diagram the full cluster diagram can be found as Supplemental Figure 1. B Experimental sample associated dendrogram. The 26 paired samples used for the intrinsic analysis are identified by the black bars.

E Basal epithelial enriched expression cluster. Issa inti tista'tniżżel ħielsa sewwieqa għall AOC-USAS1-I4i RAID Controller. Uża l-links fuq din il-paġna li tagħżel xierqa tas-sewwieq, l-ikklikkja fuq dan tniżżel.

issa inti tista'tniżżel-sewwieq għat AOC-USAS1-I4i RAID Controller.

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