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For the first time, we have multiple different architectures serving different product segments and Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 than four cores in mainstream desktop processors. We now know that there are Intel CPUs with integrated AMD graphicsand we're also eagerly awaiting the launch of 10nm models for ultra-thin laptops.

Today, we're looking at one of Intel's six current desktop offerings, the mid-range Core i We reviewed the Core iK shortly after its release in Octoberand found that while performance was certainly better than that of the previous generation, there were a lot of unanswered questions about supply, pricing, and platform support. Now, a few months in, we're curious to see Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 things are coming along in Intel's ecosystem, and what exactly you have to compromise on with a Core i5 model in the same line that costs almost exactly half as much. The Core i is the locked mid-tier offering, sibling to the Core iK. The biggest reason to get excited about it is the graduation to six physical cores, as opposed to four in previous generations.


That should give apps and games a nice boost where it counts. Another strong selling point is this CPU's street price of approximately Rs.

Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 The Core i is clocked at 2. There are 16 PCIe 3. That means it's slightly more advanced in terms of optimisations to the manufacturing process and underlying design, but isn't all that important. The bigger picture is more cores and better performance compared to 7th Gen and older equivalents.

However, there has been no improvement at all to the integrated graphics capabilities - other than changing the name from Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 Graphics to UHD Graphics - which is surprising and disappointing. You'll need a motherboard based on the Z platform controller - Intel has not fleshed out its offerings which is a shame, because the Z is expensive and only really suited to the high-end unlocked Core iK and Core iK. Its overclocking abilities are utterly wasted on the Core i and other lower-end models.


We were hoping that mid-range H-series and B-series motherboards would be in the market by this point, but Intel has just not released those controllers yet. It's a nice-looking matte black board with grey and silver accents, except for the bright red and gold audio components in one corner. The layout isn't too cramped, which is always good to see. There's a bulky black shroud Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 the rear port cluster and Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 oversized heatsink with over the platform controller chip.

There are metal reinforcements around the RAM and primary PCIe slots whether for looks or functionality is debatable but some high-end touches such as M. We also noted the lack of power and reset buttons on the board itself, so you'll have to short pins manually. The buttons are something we now take for granted on enthusiast-class boards and it's so simple to implement that we're quite surprised Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 the oversight. The most noticeable lighting zone is the plexiglass strip at the front of the board, Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 Gigabyte calls an Accent LED Overlay. You can 3D print your own strip with any pattern or text of your choosing, using templates available on Gigabyte's website. We aren't fans of this because it calls attention to itself unnecessarily, but some buyers will undoubtedly love it. With the RGB Fusion utility for Windows, you can control each zone independently and also tie in other compatible hardware internal and external from Gigabyte and partner brands.

The rear IO port cluster doesn't have anything special.

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You get two USB 3. There are four more USB 3. The only real problem is the lack of a DisplayPort output, which we'll address in a minute. There are two M.

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Intel's Optane Memory is supported. You also get six SATA 3. Of the three PCIe x16 slots, only the first one has a full 16 lanes of PCIe bandwidth, but will run at full speed only if the other two slots are blank, and at x8 speed if they aren't. The second slot can go up to x8, and the third will run Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 either x4 or x1 speed depending on whether the others are populated. The three native PCIe x1 slots aren't affected by this, but two of them will be blocked if you have double-width cards in the two primary x16 slots.

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Audio is handled by a Realtek ALC codec plus high-end capacitors and an amplifier capable of detecting and supporting high-impedance headphones. While overclocking is not specifically highlighted as a feature, there are six fan headers and six temperature sensors around the board, plus support for liquid coolant pumps and flow sensors. Gigabyte's BIOS is for the most part pretty unimaginative. There's a dashboard-style Easy Mode which shows the Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 commonly used parameters, and a neat graph-style fan control interface that lets you drag and drop pins to set thresholds for speed and temperature. Other than that, it's just a bunch of textual menus without even useful explanations.

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With our non-K-series CPU, overclocking options were ghosted out. The motherboard's rear port shroud is a bit larger than usual and so we needed to use a little extra care to install our large heatsink and fan. Retail Gigabyte GA-8ST F5 packs of Intel's non-overclocked CPUs include a standard heatsink with fan, but our review sample arrived without one so we tested with our Gigabyte GA-8ST F5. We tested with Windows 10 using the latest drivers for all hardware.


Socket for Intel®Pentium®4 processorSiS DX/L chipsetSupports DDR memoryRealtek ALC audio chipMicro ATX form g: F5. Free Download Gigabyte GA-ZN-WIFI (rev. ) BIOS F5 (BIOS) DOWNLOAD NOW. 10 downloads · Added on: Aug 8th, · Manufacturer: Gigabyte.

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