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Avocent ESP 8 MI Serial Hub - device server Series Specs

Chapter 5: The port will be configured at 19, baud, 8 bits per character, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control. When this connection method is enabled, the configuration utility will Avocent ESP active if the port is not Avocent ESP use and the key is pressed three times in a row. Passwords No encryption is used when entering the password with the configuration utility. If you reinitialize the ESP serial hub, the password is lost; you will be required to create a password the next time you access the configuration utility or the web interface.

If the IP address had not been previously set or the hub has been reinitialized, the hub reboots automatically. Table 5. Configuration Utility If a connection method is enabled, its configurable options are also displayed. If a method is disabled, no configurable options are displayed. Avocent ESP are Avocent ESP to modify each connection method.

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Enter for yes or for no. If you choose Avocent ESP modify the connection values, the utility will prompt for all connection parameters. To send a break to a port: From the Top Menu, enter to select Send Break. The Port Selection Menu will be displayed. Enter the number corresponding to a port or to select all ports. Rebooting The Hub The configuration is updated immediately, but some changes may not take effect until the next reboot.


The display will indicate if a reboot is Avocent ESP. A reboot is usually required for the following operations to take effect: Displaying Port Statistics The Debug Menu contains commands to display or control log information, run the datascope feature or escape to a shell. To configure ports: Some changes take effect immediately; others take ef fect when the next connection is established with a port or after the hub is rebooted. On next.

After reboot. Network address changes IP, gateway, subnet. Network interface speed.

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Updating a Flash image. Reinitializing and Resetting the Hub. The information in Avocent ESP section is not a standard part of the startup sequence; however, it is provided for reference if the ESP serial hub must be reinitialized or reset.

The hub stores nonvolatile data such as the SNMP community name, Avocent ESP password, system contact and IP address in memory. This information is erased by pressing and holding the INIT button until reinitialization occurs. At this point, all nonvolatile information will be reset to the factory defaults and the hub will immediately reboot. You may also reinitialize the hub using the web interface see Reinitializing the Hub on page 41 or the configuration utility see Reinitializing the Hub on page If the master appli- cation is not able to run that is, only the bootloader is operationalpressing the RESET button will have no effect. However, if this condition persists for more than 15 seconds, the watchdog timer will cause the hub to reset. You may also reset reboot the hub using the web interface see Rebooting the Hub on page 41 or the configuration utility see Rebooting the Hub on page This chapter describes: There are several methods to access a serial port on an ESP hub.


Serial port redirection Avocent ESP see page 16 Telnet server - see page Raw TCP server - see page This Avocent ESP-8 MI Multi-Interface Serial Hub with eight ports provides serial over IP access, allowing devices to be placed at the point of need. Windows. The 8-port Serial Hub support Avocent ESP contains the Avocent ESP-8 MI Serial Hub, cables connectors for making serial connections to the hub and the Waters ESP

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