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Setting the Time Slot Allocation 22 23 Use the following steps to change time slot allocation. Time slots and chassis slots must be unallocated before they can be allocated.

The first three Ovislink 56K OF56-C are followed to unallocate chassis slots channels from time slots. Click on the chassis slot that you want to change and respond Yes when asked to confirm. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other chassis slots you want to unallocate.

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Click on the unallocated chassis slot you want to allocate. Click on the E1 time slot you want to allocate the chassis slot to.


For chassis slots that use multiple time slots, click on the first E1 timeslot to be used. The chassis slot Ovislink 56K OF56-C turn white, and its corresponding E1 time slot s will darken. The selected chassis slot will turn yellow.

The selected chassis slot and time slot s will turn light green. If a chassis slot does not have a card plugged in, the chassis slot channels will not be displayed. Timeslots that are not dropped must be set to broadcast on both the Primary and Secondary E1 to Ovislink 56K OF56-C data from one E1 to the other E1.

Ovislink 56K OF56-C 32bit Vista Driver

Timeslots to be blocked between E1s should have the timeslot mode set to idle on both the primary and secondary E1 timelsots. Setting the Time Slot Mode 1. Select Ovislink 56K OF56-C mode you want the time slot set to.

Select the time slot you want Ovislink 56K OF56-C edit. Changes the slot information to the corresponding color. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other slots you want to change.


Click Ovislink 56K OF56-C to save changes and close the dialog box. Once retrieved, system status will be displayed in the main screen as shown in Figure Screen showing retrieved status in the Message area and the Alarm area 6. Retrieves the parameters of the E1 card and displays them in the Message area of the main screen. Retrieves any current alarms on the E1 card and displays them in the Alarms area of the main screen. Use the following steps to retrieve inventory data. Select Status Retrieve Inventory Data.

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Opens a dialog box asking you to select the card you want to retrieve data for. Select the card that you want to retrieve inventory data for.

Only cards which are actually installed in the system will be displayed. Displays the card firmware version in the message area of the ICB manager screen.

Ovislink Driver and related drivers

Use the following steps to retrieve the Ovislink 56K OF56-C status. Select Status Retrieve Channel Status. Displays the channel status of all installed cards in the message area of the ICB manager screen. The channels are displayed in numerical order. Use the scroll bar to view each channel. Retrieved Channel Information 6.

Opens the current alarm log file. Opens the current event log file. E1 loopback tests will affect the service of the card. Select Loopback Initiates the loopback. Results will be displayed in the alarm status area of the main screen see Figure E1 loopbacks will not function if the ICB is Ovislink 56K OF56-C alarm. Select the Loopback or Release tab. SinceOvisLink has been a major producer of networking products. OvisLink is a fast growing multinational company, one of the largest. Ovislink OVC DriverOvislink 56K OFC 32bit Vista Driver

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